Make Up

There are countless ways to do your makeup. Your skin can be a beautiful canvas, especially when you know how to do it right.

Before applying any makeup to your skin, you need to prepare your skin. Use a good moisturizer, otherwise your makeup won’t go on smoothly and you’ll be able to see dry patches. If your skin is oily, use a light moisturizing product so that your makeup doesn’t just slide off. To make your makeup last longer, use a primer, which can also help even out your skin tone. Look for a primer that also includes an SPF.

Using the wrong color foundation is a common mistake. To choose the right shade, apply two or three stripes of foundation along a clean jaw line. Allow it to dry one or two minutes as the color will change slightly as it dries. The right color is the one that looks like it disappears on your skin. Also keep in mind that the color of your skin will vary depending on the time of year it is. A color that works in the middle of winter will probably not be the right match during the summer when your skin is getting more sun. The key to your foundation is “less is more”. You don’t want it to look like you’re wearing makeup. Use as little as possible for your everyday where.

Concealer can lighten up dark spots, making your skin look fresher and more awake. Be sure you find one as close to your skin tone as possible. Apply with a brush or your finger, and blend by gently patting with your fingers as rubbing it will simply rub it off. Remember- less is more. Concealer is thicker than foundation so putting on too much can create a “caked on” look. Finish off with a light powder to set the foundation and concealer.